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Fully funded Bachelor and Master scholarships from SBW Berlin in Germany for the year 2021

SBW Berlin offers fully-funded master’s and bachelor’s degree scholarships for international students for the academic year 2021. The SBW Berlin Scholarship supports young people from abroad who have a financially disadvantaged family background and who will use the skills they acquire while studying in Germany to promote long-term nonprofit projects, preferably In their home countries.

Criteria for applying for scholarships:

  • Foreign nationals, whose countries of origin appear to have a special need for development assistance.
  • Homeless aliens.
  • Recognized refugees.
  • Holders of a residence permit.
  • Holders of a long-term residence permit from the European Union.
  • Holders of a residence permit according to paragraphs 22 and 23 paragraph 1 or 2, §§ 23a, 25 clauses 1 or 2 of the Residence Act (AufenthG) in the case of permanent residence in Germany.
  • Holders of a residence permit according to Article 25 Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4 Sentence 2, or Paragraph 5 of the Residence Act (AufenthG) in the case of permanent residence in Germany.
  • Students from European Union and European Economic Area countries who have previously worked in Germany in an activity related to their studies, before starting their studies.
  • Students from EU / EEA countries who have a permanent right of residence as defined by the Freedom of Movement Act (Freizügigkeitsgesetz EU).

Application requirements:

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

The applicant must be between 18 and 30 years old.
The average of the applicant’s grades corresponds to a German average score of at least 2.0.
Applying before the start of their university education or full registration in the first or second semester or maximum of the third semester in one of the universities recognized by the state (in Germany or abroad) or applying for a master’s degree shortly before or after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.
Be able to prove that he has not been in Germany for more than 18 months before submitting the application.
The applicant does not have first-degree family members permanently residing in Germany.
Has the intention to work in his home country for at least 18 months after graduation.
Professionalism or volunteer work experience in the non-profit sector.
Ability to demonstrate relatively low net income.

Grant returns:

SBW Berlin will bear the necessary living expenses of scholarship recipients for the duration of the scholarship. The full scholarship includes:

A room in SBW’s shared student apartments in Berlin.
cost of living allowance.
study fees.
It is also possible that a travel allowance will be granted for the applicant’s trip to Berlin before the start of their studies and for the trip home after completing their studies.

About SBW Berlin:

SBW Berlin supports educational projects all over the world. Through the SBW Berlin Scholarship, SBW contributes to the international advancement and diffusion of education and knowledge. SBW awards the scholarship to young talents from abroad who have already demonstrated social commitment in their home country. Through this scholarship, SBW enables them to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Germany (Berlin or Potsdam). In special cases, SBW also funds vocational training. Scholarship holders use the knowledge they gain while studying in Germany to support non-profit projects in their home country, often in the education sector. In addition to the SBW Berlin Scholarship, SBW also supports educational projects in Bulgaria, India, and Nicaragua.

How to apply:

To receive this scholarship, applicants must present at least the following documents:

Application form (fillable or online PDF file).
Motivation letter (one or two pages).
Current CV.
A copy of the last school or university certificate showing the grade point average and an overview of the degree.
A transcript of the highest academic degree (high school diploma or university degree) showing the grade point average and grade overview.
Information about net household income.
SBW may request further documentation at later stages.
The application deadline is June 31, 2021.


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