Free Course in Advanced Skills in Excel Program

The Excel program is one of the most important programs used by departments and departments of finance, production, procurement, sales, marketing and IT management Excel enables you to use many features that facilitate your daily work, and arrange financial and administrative matters in a better and easier way to access.

This training course is to consolidate the knowledge that the trainees have acquired at the beginner level of the Excel program, and is a starting point towards the advanced skills of the program. Where the trainee will be able to raise his efficiency in building solutions using equations and developing simple reports on the data.

How can you use the excel program

Departments: Through the Excel program, management can read and analyze results, study work development mechanisms, and define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Human Resources Department: Through Excel, the company’s performance is managed and analyzed, and the development mechanisms for employees are studied to reach the best possible performance within the work for employees.

Sales: One of the most important programs that a marketing employee must master is the Excel program, to enable him to analyze the labor market, determine market requirements, and study business objectives to reach the best results. And increase the number of customers based on thoughtful plans.

Marketing: Excel is used in the analysis of previous years’ sales and the study of mechanisms for determining marketing goals for the coming years. Marketing personnel can see analyzes related to data in several forms, such as: charts and the results of reports related to sales.

Information Technology Department (IT) Department: The department is able to define the basic performance indicators (KPI’s), such as managing the risks associated with information security by studying and analyzing the daily events within the department, which enables it to define the department’s future plans and budget.

Financial departments: Financial departments can determine the financial position of the company, study the financial plans for the coming years, and determine ways to manage expenses and increase profits

What you will learn through this course:

  • Advanced basic skills for Excel and dealing with equations.
  • Formatting within the Excel program, table formatting and conditional formatting.
  • Building reports within the Excel program, and how to develop them.
  • Use the ready-made report tools inside the Excel program.
  • Advanced Excel functions, and how to use them in a practical way.
  • Dealing with charts in the Excel program, and how to create many charts.

How to apply: 

You can apply by creating an account for free on the Edraak platform, and after that, choose a course and start learning.

You can now access the Excel training course through the following link:

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